VAT planning and compliance

Altima Malta’s experienced consultants can assist in VAT planning as well as VAT compliance. VAT compliance services are required by each and every business on an ongoing basis. We can assist you in respect of the following:

(a) VAT registration procedure for companies that are both established in Malta as well as not established in Malta

(b) Electronic submission of VAT returns and Recapitulative declarations on behalf of clients

(c) Representation of clients during VAT audits or meetings at the VAT Department.

We can also assist in VAT planning exercises. Our partners have been involved in the following exercises to date:

(a) Design of tailor made structures and solutions to businesses involved partially or wholly in exempt operations, with a view to minimise VAT leakage through non-recovery of input VAT. Clients assisted to date operate mainly in the remote gaming sector, banking and financial services sectors, and the immovable property sector.

(b) VAT exercises to help identify potential VAT savings in already up and running businesses;

(c) Design and drafting of yacht leasing agreements to minimise the VAT incidence on pleasure yachts. For more information, refer to Malta Yacht Leasing Company section.

(d) Design and drafting of aircraft leasing structures. For more information, refer to Malta Aviation Company section.