Malta company formation and opening of bank accounts

We specialise in the registration of companies with the Maltese Registrar of Companies and provide a complete package that includes:

(a) initial tax structuring,

(b) drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company,

(c) registration of the company with the Registrar, tax authorities and VAT department,

(d) opening of a bank account with a Maltese bank. We enjoy excellent relationships with all leading Maltese banks and have to date opened accounts for our clients with different banks. We normally recommend a bank to our client based on the client’s needs.

Questions frequently asked by clients:

(a) How long does it take to open a Malta company?

Provided all documents are provided to us, we can register the company within 2 working days from receipt of documents and open a corporate bank account in 5-10 days. The latter timeframe depends on the bank’s due diligence procedure which is separate from our own procedure.

(b) How much does it cost to open a Malta company?

A fee is payable to the Registrar of Companies which is based on the authorised share capital. The minimum is EUR245 and applies if share capital does not exceed EUR1,500. We pride ourselves in charging the most competitive prices for the assistance in setting up the company. Contact us for a quote on

(c) What is the minimum share capital for a Malta company?

The minimum is EUR1,200 which can be only 20% paid up, thereby requiring an initial deposit in the company’s new bank account of EUR240.

(d) What are the main legal requirements of a Malta company?

Each Malta company must have a registered office situated in Malta. We provide registered office facilities for our clients which includes mail forwarding.

Each Malta company must also have at least one director and one company secretary. While the firm’s partners can fill both positions, it is the client who decides whether he will require such services. Having a Maltese resident director sitting on the board of directors of the company is advisable to ensure that the company is managed and controlled from Malta.