Malta’s ship register is largest in Europe

Malta’s ship register grew substantially in 2014, both with respect to merchant ships as well as yacht registrations.


Transport Malta, which takes care of ship and yacht registrations in Malta, confirmed these positive results which continue to consolidate Malta’s position as the largest merchant flag in the European Union, while placing seventh worldwide.

While Malta remains a flag of confidence due to its maritime history and culture, in recent years we have seen excellent results from the yachting industry. With respect to the registration of superyachts, the Malta flag registered an increase of 18.1% over the previous year (superyachts are defined as yachts exceeding 24 metres in length).

Amongst other things, the VAT leasing scheme is one of the advantages that Malta can offer to the yachting industry. Please refer to our section Malta Yacht Leasing Company in our website for more information, or contact us on for further details.